Little Malibu

Beach break located in the marina – excellent for swimming. Waves break here when everywhere else is huge!! – Perfect for beginners.

Steps Beach

Located in the Tres Palmas Marine Preserve, one of the best places to see Puerto Rico’s marine flora and fauna. – Amazing snorkeling.

Tres Palmas

Reef break far from the shore. A great place for experienced surfers and big wave riders. Rideable from 8’ to 25’. – Swell NW, Wind E.

Dog Man’s

One of the few west coast waves that breaks both ways. Reef break with excellent shape. Beginners to advanced surfers can ride these waves. – Swell NW, Wind E,NE.

Maria’s Beach

One of the favorite waves in Rincon. A reef break with excellent shape and long rides. Perfect for all levels of surfing.- Swell NW, Wind E,NE.


In my opinion the most ripable wave in the area. A point break that rides to a shallow coral reef. A very fast wave with sections for power maneuvers. With the right tide it can be very hollow. Indicator is a beach for the experienced surfer to explore their tube skills. – Swell NW, Wind E,NE.


Probably the most consistent wave in the Rincon area. It’s a combination of beach breaks and coral reef breaks that provide a mellow ride. All levels of surfers. – Swell NE, Wind SE.

Pools Beach

A small, sandy beach that’s often deserted. Reef break with some sandbars. High tide is rideable for everyone, low tide is more suited to intermediate and advanced surfers. – Swell NE,NW, Wind S.

Sandy Beach

Beach break that breaks both ways. Can be very hollow at low tide. All levels of surfers. – Swell NE,NW, Wind S.

Parking Lot

A beach break with some reef formation. Good surf condition for all levels of surfers. – Swell NE,NW, Wind S.

Puerto Rico Surf Spots Located 30 – 40 minutes drive from Rincon

AGUADA  - A few surf spots – mainly beach breaks that are excellent for beginners. With perfect conditions these waves can be fun for all levels of surfers. – Swell W,NW, Wind S,E.

Table Top

This wave breaks in front of a rocky formation and peels into Surfer’s Beach. Can be very powerful and hollow. Intermediate and above. – Swell NW, Wind SE.


This spot is located in Isabella, where you can surf several other breaks. It’s a perfect wave for all levels of surfers. The reef formation combined with a long sand bank and it’s strategic location make this wave very consistent with an excellent shape. – Swell NE, Wind S.

Crash Boat

 Awesome swimming beach when it’s flat! Inconsistent but when this beach break is going off many surfers consider it one of the best waves in the area. All levels of surfers. – Swell W,NW, Wind any.


Powerful reef break that can get crowded on good days! Wave breaks both ways and can give you very long rides. Intermediate and above. – Swell NE,NW, Wind E,NE.

Bridges Beach

A fast wave that barrels under the right conditions. Best for intermediate skill and above. – Swell W,NW, Wind anything but South.

Gas Chambers

Does not break consistently but when it does experienced surfers go wild!! Hollow reef break – only for experts. – Swell W,NW, Wind any.

Surfer’s Beach

 Very consistent and fun break. It’s a mix of reef and beach break and all level of surfers can ride this wave. – Swell NW, Wind SE.


 Located on a sharp reef, this is a fast wave that can be hollow with the right wind and right tide. Intermediate and above – Swell NE, Wind S.


Excellent option when Wilderness is crowded. Reef break with very good waves. Intermediate and above. – Swell NE,NW, Wind E,NE.