After You Surf MALDIVES for the first time you will fallow in love and definitely will return many times. MALDIVES offers more than 60 surf breaks in 10 of its 26 atolls. Crystal clear water, perfect and consistent waves, beautiful islands with white sand beaches, palm trees and turquoise blue lagoons are waiting for you.

Two Main Area Define The Surfing In MALDIVES: North and South Male Atolls and Central Atolls. Surf787 Trips organize Surf Charters on both destinations but we never know exactly where we will be surfing. Our goal is to score the best wave every day, whatever it takes.

From April to October , with bigger swells mainly from June to September, surfers can enjoy amazing waves in this surfing paradise.

The Waves In MALDIVES can offer long open face walls with perfect barrels. Ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers. It's a perfect set up, easy to paddle out as every surf break has a deep channel. Come to join Surf787 Trips. Book your private Surf Charter or apply for our all inclusive Surf Charters. Rate depends on destination, group size and vessel.


All Ages | Yacht


All Ages | Yacht


All Ages | Yacht

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